Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Procrastination Productivity

I had a project recently that I really wanted / needed to finish.  But for some reason I couldn't get back to it.  I'd head to the sewing room and then leaving the room wasn't an option because that would mean I really wasn't going to do what I supposed to do.  If something else needed doing in the room in the meantime, at least I was in the vicinity of said project, and there was a chance some work would get done on it.

Seemed like the perfect time to clean and reorganize everything.  I found some shelves, moved the dressers, and starting pulling fabric out of drawers. The fabric got folded and sorted and placed on the shelves until the shelves were full. I need more shelves 'cause there's more fabric. Then I filled the drawers with the other sewing stuff that was laying around.  I've been wanting to do this for a while. The procrastination gave me the motivation!

I like walking into my sewing area now and seeing the fabric there. You were right, Karen, it needs to be out where I can see it.  And it brightens the room a bit.

Next time I have a project that MUST get done, maybe I can paint the dressers.  I'm thinking white.


Anonymous said...

Nice bobbin storage! The storage and display look great. Nice combination with you and Scott. Someone has to have perseverance to get things done. How impressive- the things you two have built together! Love, Pat

rae said...

That top picture makes me want to go out and buy a bunch of fabric!

Sarah said...

Wow, looks great! Wanna come procrastinate over here??

Karen said...

love the fabric on the shelves! Walmart has decent white sheles for 19 dollars and they hold a lot of fabric.

kwiltmakr said...

I agree the fabric needs to be out where you can see it and when it is folded nice like that it makes all the difference. I like your bobbin storage. Also I think white would be nice for the dressers.

Dee said...

Oh, Kathleen, you're a genius! I love the bobbins in the glasses and have blogged about them here:


Looking for permission and forgiveness for my impulsiveness, but this is so doggone smart and cute! If you want me to remove the images, I will...but they're too awesome not to share!

Best of luck with the quilt motivation!