Monday, September 28, 2009

Birdie Baby Quilt UPDATED

Isn't it CUTE?!  I love the way it turned out.  This is the first time I've used a charm pack. A Birdie by Me & My Sister for Moda charm pack (for just $8.00) plus a yard of white and it made a 39" x 39" quilt.  Every bit of the charm pack got used. I think I need to figure out how to quilt birds for this one.

This is my "design" work (play!) . . .

Girls Weekend

Dayna and the girls spent a few days with us while Justin was out of town for reserve stuff and Zak was out of town with his other grandparents picking up his Army uncle. It was nice to spend time with just the girls. Caycee got lots more one-on-one time Nana and with her mom and plenty of rides with Grandpa. Grandpa and I got to hold and feed and spend time with Lynzee. And, between kid stuff, we still had plenty of time for conversation with Dayna. A good few days.

Birdie by Me & My Sisters for Moda

I'm having fun with this bright and pretty fabric. 
It's going to make a pretty baby quilt.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Blue Bag

I think blue fabric is so pretty. 
I made this bag last week for someone special.
The bag has a pocket on the other side but I like this side better.


There are flowers quilted in light blue thread.

My Dogs And Their Manners

One of the problems with having more than one dog and a lack of dedication to training is that manners are inconsistent and, well, basically poor. For instance, when passing through a doorway with the dogs, a couple of them will hang back and let the human go first, the others will just charge through with a "me first!" attitude. When they have been outside and I go to let them in those same ones will hang back and let the others go first. Annoying, but not enough for me to take the effort with training.

I mentioned a while back that the farmer in the field next to us is using natural fertilizer and we really are happy with the concept.  The reality, hmmm, not so much.  The natural fertilizer, aka cow manure (and LOTS OF IT) is rather odorous.  And it's lasting a really long time.  The morning dew seems to help it along.  Any rain, well that's a plus.  The moisture heightens the experience. We have learned, though, that there is nothing like it for the ground. And chemicals are really scary.  So. Do it. I'll consider it a necessary evil. 

Another plus with the natural is that manure attracts flies.  LOTS OF THEM.  Here's where the dogs' manners come in.  It seems now each and every one of them is polite.  When we open the door to let them in after they have done their business outside (thank you very much) they will stop as if to say "Just look at that long parade of flies waiting to get in. I'll let them go first. All in?  Okay, now I'll come in."


Gotta go. The fly swatter is calling me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Pat!!!

Hope you are having a great day filled with fun, family & friends. 
And cake too!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Just Thread

Just love the color of this thread. Can't wait to start quilting. It's Decorative first today. But when I get back home I get to play!

I've always wanted to do something arty but things never translated to what I saw in my imagination. With quilting they still don't translate to exactly what I see before I start but I usually am pleased with the result. Not pleased as in 'I did that' but pleased as in 'it's just a pleasure to look at'....'makes you feel good inside to look at' pleased. Now, that just sounds weird, but it's true. I get so much pleasure out of playing with bits (or lots!) of fabric and just the color of a thread can make me happy.

What can I say?

Simple minds, simple pleasures.

It's called Sunshine . . . even has a pretty, makes you feel good, name.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three finishes

Finished the binding on this one. . .

Finished quilting and binding this one.

I tried a zillion (well, maybe 6 or 7) different things in the reds squares but couldn't find anything I liked. I pulled all the stitches and decided to wait until the rest of it was quilted to select a design for the red squares. Turns out it looks great with nothing in the red - makes them pop out. So they will remain untouched.

I love the way the back looks with the empty spaces where the red squares are on the front. And this quilt will be special because Karen quilted a bit of it as her maiden voyage on my long-arm.

This one is for a new baby boy. Started it yesterday and it was so simple it's finished already. Can't decide on a name . . . . Nine Patch Cubed? Nine Patch Times Two? Nine Times Nine? Nine Patch Exploded?

Three finishes in less than one week, I think that means that instead of getting back to a UFO I get to start something new!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Happy Birthday Jared!

I can't find all my pictures so you are saved an embarrassing (to you, but adorable to the rest of us!) baby picture. You're not totally in the clear, the day's not over yet!

Hope you have a great day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

All Dressed Up AND With Somewhere To Go

Scott and I recently traveled a bit to spend time with Adam as his new unit had a Farewell Ceremony.

When we first arrived at the fort we met Adam in the parking lot. As we entered the actual fort the Patriot Guard Riders had formed a line on either side of the walk. They greeted the soldiers as they passed and thanked them for their service. They then formed a semi-circle around the parade grounds for the ceremony which consisted mainly of speeches from the commanders, Governor and Senators.

I'm not sure how this Rider was able to see where he was going.

We were able to visit with Adam for a couple hours on the parade grounds prior to the ceremony. Then afterwards the soldiers were released for the remainder of the day. We went out for a late lunch/early dinner and spent a few more hours hanging out and buying books. Finally we had to drop him off at his hotel and say goodbye. :(
He will probably get a long weekend pass before he ships out, so should get to see him at least once more. :)

Deb, I thought of you . . . .

As soon as I saw this sign I thought of you, Deb. And inside, wow! Store after store after store. FOUR floors of stores.

But for me this was the highlight . . .

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!