Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sew Blue or Possibilites

Project Quilting Season 3 has begun!

The first challenge:  Architectual Elements

Our inspiration needed to come from architecture, it had to be a quilt (i.e. three layers), and it had to be constructed completely in the challenge week.  Other than that we were pretty much given free rein.  There were no limits on size or methods or material. 

Here's my inspiration:
I'm a contast new home window shopper.... always searching for the next best home. I love looking at the floorplans and drawings available on new home sites, imagining what could be added, detracted, or moved around to suit me and what I percieve as the ideal living conditions. It's only a drawing so it holds infinite possibilities for the end product!

My quilt is a whole cloth, small quilt with a plain white base and only blue stitching. To me, it feels full of promise and is calming to view. I'm re-doing my sewing room and this will hang on the wall after I paint..... this may have helped me decide on the color blue for the walls :)

New for this season of Project Quilting:
  • no judging (this was one of my favorite parts - I was never a judges' favorite but I found their critiques to be extremely helpful and inspiring)
  • no voting for viewers' favorite
  • ANYONE that enters has several chances to win a prize.... and the prizes are pretty good!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sewing Room Blues

After a flurry of quiltmaking, I took some time to clean up my sewing room. 

It's definitely neater than it was, and a little more organized but I think some major changes are in order. 

My poor ironing board with the sock to cover the rusty foot needs a paint re-do, or a pretty sock at the very least. I guess I could buy a new ironing board, but that just seems wasteful.

For a few months my sewing table was our 54" square dining room table.  Going back to this sewing machine table now feels like I have my machine balanced on a wobbly stool.... no fun!  I need a large sturdy table that sits a little higher. 

Inspiration struck.  Those orange-ish dressers are going to be pushed back-to-back, the lower one will be raised, and a sheet of mdf will be "installed" over the top.  That will make a giant workspace with room for my machine AND a cutting board will room left over (hopefully).  All of it will be a comfortable working height.  Some bright white paint on the dressers will be an improvement, along with new (fun looking, colorful) drawer pulls.  If the dressers aren't touching, but have a foot or so in between the backs, there'll be storage space betweern them.  Win/Win

I've already purchased the white paint and lined up the emptied drawers on a drop cloth.  I can't wait to use my new table!

And I think it's time to finally paint the walls. 

If only I could decide on a color.