Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Cooper was very excited about the whole cake thing.

Not so excited about the fire on his cake.

And fun to watch as he opened his presents.  "WOW" was heard a lot, long and drawn out, WOOOOOWW - so cute!

Our Sarah is one of the bravest people I know . . . . She planned their wedding (a big one for which she and John, not their parents, handled all the details) for a week after first year law school finals. . . . For her job as an attorney for kids in the DCFS system she visited clients in neighborhoods that her father and brother don't feel comfortable venturing unless they are wearing a gun (legally, of course). . . . She's thinking of going to the zoo with a two year old on her due date . . . .

But, when it came time to have a birthday party for Cooper, for some reason she was afraid to have the celebration too close to his birthday for fear that his little brother would decide to arrive and interupt the party.  So we celebrated two weekends ago. Now. Come on little brother.  Everyone is ready and waiting.

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