Saturday, October 3, 2009

Michele's Quilt

I'm quilting for hire on this beautiful baby quilt. Michele kindly gave me permission to post pictures. Such a pleasure to work on - it's just gorgeous.  Due to unexpected company (brother Jay stopped in with pizza! - what a pleasant surprise) I just did a bobbin's worth tonight.  I'll finish it tomorrow after heading up north for breakfast with family.


Michele said...

it's looking great!! I can't wait to get it back....the new baby is going to be soooo spoiled and this is simply the first step in my spoiling her!!! Thanks so much for helping me out on this project...I've never hired anyone to quilt for me before and you have made the process easy and pleasant...THANK YOU!!!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful quilt!
A "bobbin's worth" sounds so cute! :)