Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Lynzee Ann!

I can't believe you're two already!

 Brand new
 "Okay, Grandma.  Put down the camera and push me!"
"Heard any good jokes lately?"

Indoor picnic with Grandpa. 
She dressed for the occassion with her little black dress.

Lynzee and cousin Dexter

Happy Birthday Sweetie!
I love you bunches!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project Project Runway

Oh, how I loves me a good challenge! 

I'm a relatively new (in the last year or two) Project Runway fan.  The new season is starting tomorrow.... woo hoo!  Last season, just at the end, I discovered a couple of talented, fun bloggers, Kathy and Susi, that were creating collections along with the Project Runway show, but in miniature... on Barbies... sooooo cute!  They are doing it again this time and I'm joining in the fun.

I contracted with my model several weeks ago in hopes that I could participate.  She was having trouble finding modeling work and was stuck at a Dollar Store - I saved her from that.  Meet Lizbeth.

We're going all the way to Bryant Park!

The first challenge will be posted Friday morning and finished garments will be revealed the following Thursday on the Project Project Runway Flickr group.

Join us?


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Caycee Kathleen!!!

Oh, so long ago.

Caycee loves to help out.
And she loves a good dance. 
 Caycee and cousin Cooper.... I think they are making plans.
 "Ohhhhh, it's so much work!!!"

"Ahhhh, my turn.... a ride and a drink."

 "Where's Grandpa?  Why didn't he come with you?!"
 "Take a picture and I'll wave 'hi' to Grandpa"

Love you sweetheart!  Happy Birthday!