Saturday, January 24, 2009

Special Post for Alyssa

It's not finished! I still need to finish the neckline (it has pins in it - that's why it looks funny), put in the zipper, do the hem, add the "jewels" and check everything. Sooooo sorry - you won't be seeing it in person 'til Tuesday. The neck pieces took much, much longer than anything. As usual, since I knew who this was for :) I spent a lot of time thinking of you! And I thought of the tin man. And I thought of the scarecrow too because I kept getting mixed up and thinking "if I only had a brain" when I'd finally figure it out!


Our aging terriers occasionally have an accident in the house. It drives me nuts! But, I've been trying not to blow up every time it happens, just get the rags and water and vinegar and carpet cleaner and be done with it. (I really wish I could scold the dog but it's impossible to know which one.) I've just resigned myself to the fact that we will need to replace the new carpet when they are gone. arrrgg!! Anyway, I've been doing pretty good lately, calmly taking care of the problem and moving on.

But the other day when Scott hollered from the kitchen "there's pee all over the counter" I did not react calmly. "WHAT?! $%#@#%?!" WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! HOW DID THEY EVEN GET UP THERE?!







Friday, January 23, 2009

New project

Karen found a new project for us. There seems to be a rule in quilt-world that you must have at least a dozen "works in progress" at all times. Since we are actually finishing a few of them, we need to start some more. Here's my first block. (Thanks Karen!)

Not sure about the orange - the house may need to be re-sided. I like my fancy door though. Can't decide if it's a cloudy day, a starry night or if those are snowflakes in the sky.

Busy week

It started with a Lions Club Appreciation Luncheon. They honored a Policeman, Fireman, Educator and Veteran. Justin was the Veteran. Linen tableclothes and napkins, gracious hosts, an accommodating and friendly wait staff, live music.... very nice. We tried to maintain proper decorum.

Cooper is still learning to keep the "oh, not another speech" on the inside.
Caycee thought is was a great day - there were Cheerios! She was two tables away with Auntie Jayci when Sarah opened the Cheerios. We swear she smelled them, and came flying over.

Zak and Caycee weren't about to let Justin get all the attention... they joined him on stage.

Then there has been sewing and quilting of course!

Out of this needs to emerge a tinwoman.

A lap quilt. I'm enjoying these fabrics.

And I'm looking for fabrics and scraps for a new BOM that Karen found. Looks like fun.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I long for the good ole summertime

A warm day, cool grass, and a bottle of Pepsi. Family is around, no plans for the day but to hang out . . . summer. Hey, is that a jug of purple stuff!?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weekend with Zak & Caycee

As always, we so enjoyed our time with Zak and Caycee. (I tried to catch Sarah in a weak moment and have her leave Cooper with us too but she didn't cave. There will come a day.)

The screen saver on the computer is set to play our photos and of course most of them are family. The kids would stop and watch and laugh and shout and identify themselves and Cooper and their aunts and uncles and mom & dad. It was fun watching their excitement and listening to Zak's comments. They were too engrossed in the photos to look at the camera for this photo.

Fun with Grandpa.

I think they kind of like each other.

And no, they didn't sit on the chair and scooter all weekend. They do look sedentary and like they couldn't possibly wear us out but they sure know how to change gears in a flash. And then it's full speed ahead. Look out!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Green lunch bags

. . . even if one of them is lavender.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Christmas Card from the Animal/Kid Handlers

This is so impressive.
Two questions come to mind. Where do you buy tail extensions like that for a cat? And, four dogs, 1 behemouth cat, 2 kids (pre-Norah times) . . . . a WHITE couch?!?!?!?!

A Visit with Cooper & Sarah

I stopped for lunch with Sarah & Cooper on my way home from Decorative the other day. So much nicer than eating fast food as I drive home. As is normal with such little ones, Cooper is doing more every time I see him. I got a couple hugs and tons of smiles. I'm guessing big sloppy kisses are in the not too distant future. Can't wait!

I love this shirt. I couldn't read it while I was visiting 'cause Cooper was moving too much!

Cooper & Dora. Cooper interacts with the dogs a lot. Lots more than Audrey likes! Dora hangs around a little longer and is so good with him.
My program gets rid of red eye but the animals have yellow eyes. I need something to fix that. Although if I had corrected Dora's yellow eyes you might not be able to spot her in this picture!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kitchen fabrics

I made some curtains for the kitchen. (About time - we've been without for 18 months. I just couldn't find anything I liked.) I don't know why I have trouble with curtains. It's just a rectangle. Look what I did. That's not the picture; it's the curtains. One panel has the trim an inch higher than the other. But I like them enough to fix it and I'll make a valance for the top and a valance for the windows over the sink.

I had to buy a little bit more fabric to finish so I got some extra, and some gold and green to go with it. I thought maybe a table topper or placemats to coordinate would be nice.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Map Quilt

I'm working on a quilt of one of the townships in our county. It's 6 miles square...36 square miles. Each block represents one square mile.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Godspeed Marine Kenny

Nephew Kenny is leaving the country in a few days. Be careful, Kenny, and please come home safely and quickly.

Move over Cesar Millan

There's a new dog whisperer in town... AND he can get little children to do what he wants too!! Meanwhile, Tina captures the moment... or was it only a nanosecond that all was in place?