Friday, November 25, 2011

Kindle FIRE - Love It!

Scott gave me a very early, over the top, extravagant birthday gift.  Not that I'm complaining!  My Kindle Fire arrived last week and I loved it from the beginning.

And look, it even has my name on it! 

Scott has a keyboard Kindle which I borrowed a few times.  I liked his a lot but sharing a Kindle is a bit difficult, so after reading a few books on it, I stopped.  Using it a few times gave me a reference point.... and a bit of Kindle envy.

Here's a few random thoughts and impressions of the Kindle Fire:

The Fire is heavier.  It's the same size (or the littlest smidgen wider).  It's thicker by maybe half.   But this is all relative.... I think it's pretty light.

It's "glossier" so it collects dust and fingerprints that show more readily.  However, the "glossy" is pretty. 

The really cool looking carousel type scrolling of all media on the home screen is very touchy.  It's hard to stop on the item you want. (I have since found that tapping an item as it scrolls by will stop the scrolling on that item.) I find it easier to go to the category and then choose.  Each category (books, video, music, apps, etc) is set up like a book shelf.  Touch the one you want and it opens. 

I love turning it on.... the start up pictures vary, but each is interesting to look at......old typewriter keys, collections of fountain pens, printer's type sets, and more.

Amazon prime members can watch free live streaming movies and tv shows.  The selection is so-so, but the quality is excellent. (I have since discovered that the selection of free is much larger than I thought - gotta hit the right buttons),   And, of course, there is a much larger collection of pay-per-view movies and tv shows.

There are lots of apps on it already.  And you can shop for more. 
I shop in the free column.

The Kindle Fire is full color so I guess that means it's different technology than a regular Kindle.  That means a backlit screen for books, which in turn means books can be read in low light.... or no light :)   The regular Kindle is great in regular light, and doesn't get a glare in sunlight making it easy to read outdoors, at the beach, wherever. But it doesn't work in low light. I haven't read the Kindle Fire in bright sunlight, but I'm guessing all that gloss is going to create a good amount of glare. We'll see.

I have found the page turning quicker than on the regular Kindle. And easier. You don't have to look to be sure you press the correct button (forward or back); just touch the screen and swipe a bit for the direction you want. Doesn't matter if you swipe a bit or a lot, quick or slow, it just turns one page.

Okay.  Enough for now.  I have some reading to do. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011


I know does frequently have twin fawns, but I never saw this before!

Another Crop of Quilts

And now it's on to Christmas quilts.