Friday, August 28, 2009

The Cows Came Home

I'm so glad our neighboring farmer is going natural with his fertilizers.

Really. I am.

So what if my house smells like the cows came home and partied all night long.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dinner with Adam

We all went out to dinner with Adam one last time.

(fun but GRRR, whine, whine)

Scott says he has changed his mind and he doesn't want him to go. I don't think there has been any mind changing there - that's pretty much been the case all along. When I pointed that out, Scott's reply was "Now I forbid it." I'm pretty sure those days are over.

Considering the number of little ones at dinner it went pretty well. I wanted a picture of Adam with all his nieces and nephews to help the kids remember him while he is gone . . . . so he won't be a stranger to them when he gets back. It seems not everyone was focused on the task at hand . . .

There were several cameras in attendance so I'm hoping someone else got a better shot!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Procrastination vs Motivation

It seems Procrastination
Is beating up on Motivation

I can't get anything done
And I'm not having any fun

There're so many seams to sew
And dust everywhere I go

There are cupboards to be cleaned
New quilt patterns to be gleaned

Must go back to making a list
so I can do my very bist

Gonna make that list right now
Honest, for sure, I will, right now

Then look out - I'll be moving
For my sanity it will behooving

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jim!

Hope you're still having fun!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Justin!

photo by Jayci

You sure have a lot of people to help you celebrate!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Tea BOM

Block 2 I totally butchered Block 1 so I'm going to do all the rest of the months and then go back to #1. By then I'll have some real incentive to fix it because it'll be what's holding up the completed quilt. I collected all the blocks for this quilt a few years ago but didn't want to be bothered with the applique. It finally called me.

I collected all the months for Sweet Tea a couple years ago.

A Study In Straight Lines

I didn't mean for this to be a learning experience but that's the way it turned out. The design seemed very simple and easy. And it was, but any variance in seam lines was obvious. The seam ripper was not idle during construction. I find I learn something with every quilt. This quilt really emphasized the need for accurate 1/4" seams. I also learned I am not coordinated enough to use a knee lift for the presser foot - that got ugly. I'll practice that on a few scraps. Maybe on lots of scraps - I think it'll take a LOT of practice.

And a little purse.

I learned that I need to design the flap differently. But I really like the look of the one inch strips of fabric.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Congratulations Ryanne & Rocky!

I love this part. The Father of the Bride is still hanging on tight. Rocky is looking at the minister as if to say "would you hurry up and get to the part where he has to hand her over?!"
During the ceremony they released a group of balloons to represent all the loved ones who weren't there. Especially touching because a close friend of the Bride's family had passed on this morning.

The wedding party = the Ryanne & Rocky family, plus Ryanne's neice.
I want to say this is the whole fam damily (just cuz I like saying that) but it's no where near. This pic does include the parents of the bride and eight of their children.
These are the harp players having a chuckle about the goofy woman that complimented them on their beautiful music and then said "These look really big and heavy. Do you have to have a big car?" Duh. Yes, it was me. I got a look that said she was thinking "Here's your sign" but what she said was "Yes, we use a van." Talented AND polite.

After the hoopla, Cooper got some lessons from his Dad on writing in the dirt with a stick.

Then he pointed out all the dirt piles in case we missed any of them.

All in all a very good day.
Congrats Rocky & Ryanne.
I pray that you have a blessed marriage and a life-long friendship.

We didn't make it to the reception but John took a few videos and posted them on Sarah's blog:
Get ready "So You Think You Can Dance"!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Good Week

On Monday we spent a few hours with Zak & Caycee... playdough, puzzles, books, bubbles and lots of giggles. Then a bit of a visit with Justin & Dayna while I held and fed and adored Lynzee. No pics :(

We also saw Cooper FOUR days this week! And he's still here with his mom and his herd of elephants.

While he naps, Sarah and I have been sewing together. I could get used to that. What a pleasant way to spend the afternoon . . . sewing and talking. I love sharing this time with Sarah.

She's working on a Cooped Up original design and it turned out so very cute.

Quilting / Sewing progress this week included:

Two more blocks for On Point BOM

This quilt got loaded on the frame. I decided on gray thread and it looks really good so far - I think it was a good choice. I'm having trouble deciding what to do for the red squares. The rest is all over loopy and goes well with the design of the fabric.

I made the binding for this quilt.

Almost finished some curtains / drapes for a couple windows.

AND . . . MS has its ups and downs, its good days and bad days, and this week we enjoyed nearly FOUR pretty darn good days in a row!!! Just awesome!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunny Faces

These looked so cheery I just couldn't resist. There was a whole big bucket full of them at the Farmers Market.

Getting Ready

These packages arrived. They contain necessary (to us) items to help us during Adam's "trip". They contain a map of the country he will call "home" for several months, a National Geographic video about the country, and a personalized blue star flag for the window.

We're "arming" ourselves!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Calling All Quilts

EDITED 12-19-09 YES, THIS OFFER STILL STANDS!  See end of post for customer quilts and comments.

I love my long arm machine and frame. I so enjoy free motion quilting. I can't make tops fast enough to keep the frame loaded. Want to help? I'm looking for quilting work and since I don't have customers that I can use as references (except for niece Karen), I am willing to quilt your top for half price. Typical price in the current market is $0.015 per square inch.  

So I will quilt your top with an overall meandering or loopy loops for $.0075 per square inch!

Special offer:
If your name is Karen, AND you happen to be my niece, price is $0.00 per square inch.


UPDATED 12-19-09:

Several quilters have taken me up on my offer and here's what they had to say...

Sara said, "I LOVE it! It never fails to amaze me how a quilt top comes to life once it is quilted!  I'll definately be getting more done!"

Randi sent three beautiful quilts and she said,
"They came!!! They're here!!! They have arrived and they are beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love them!!!! It has been wonderful working with you on these quilts! Thank you so much!!!"

Wanda said, "This quilt turned out beautifully!"

Michele said,
"I got it yesterday!!! It looks great. Thank you so much. If I know of anyone who is looking for quilting services I will certainly send them your way!! I can't thank you enough."

Offer still stands.  Leave a comment if you are interested, or get my e-mail from my profile page.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Auction Today

This was the scene from my front porch this morning . . .

An auction just two doors down. How convenient! There were a lot of pretty quilts, most of them handquilted, but they sold for over $100 each. A few went for $180! So I just admired them. Lots of sewing stuff, fabric (had to like blue) and quilt blocks and little squares of fabric. It all went for more money than I was willing to spend.

I did spot this accordion file. The boxes of stuff on this rack were only bringing a dollar or two. I'd pay $5 or more at the store for this so I bid.

As often happens, if you don't pay attention you are suprised at what you have successfully bid on. The file was part of a box and they threw in two more boxes as we were bidding. Wound up bidding $3 'cause I thought they were asking for my number. I raised it up for them to see and apparently upped the bid. Still a bargain on the accordion file. But now what do I do with all this other stuff?! Anyone need a bunch of magnetic deflectors for their forced air heat vents? A binder or two or three?

And I got this large suitcase for $1. Perfect for storing odd pieces of batting.