Friday, October 30, 2009

The Balance Sheet

The debits and credits in my life have been flowing fast the last week or so. 

I'm so low on my blogging account.  And I've missed it!  Also very low on my sewing/quilting account.  And I've missed that even more!!

The driving account is way off balance.  Over 1200 miles in the last 8 days. I know that's not a lot of driving in and of itself, but that wasn't the busy part.  That was just to get to the busy parts.  I swear, you could drop me down anywhere along that hundred mile strip and even with just the trees for reference I could tell you where I was.

But my grandbaby loving account got filled up to overflowing.

I've had a chance to hold new baby Dexter lots and look into his eyes (and pretend he was looking back and seeing me; and pretend those were real smiles).  Love those new baby stretches when the whole body, including the face, gets involved. I've had time to play with Cooper, read books, chase each other around the table (which includes helpless fits of laughter when we catch each other) have kiss attacks and more.  And time to sit in the rocker and snuggle while he helped me sing Toora Loora Loora.  So cute to hear his little voice learning to imitate those words.

Zak and Caycee spent a night at our house. We colored a lot and ate lots of pancakes (and talked about them even more! - they were requested (a request that was diverted except at breakfast) at every meal). Lots of hugs and snuggling while we read books. Froggy Goes To Camp is still a favorite.  And we had actual conversations.  It's wonderful to hear about life from their perspective. Lynzee spent two nights here (Zak did NOT approve at first of her staying here when he left) so we got some alone time with her.  She's so funny about her moods.  She is so happy and content and then, in a flash, crying and crying, then flash, happy and content.  But LOTS more happy than sad. I filled up on snuggling, and adored those smiling eyes.

And we had nearly a whole day with all the grandkids, our kids and kids-in-law together.  Noisy, noisy, fill-up-your-heart fun.  More on that in another post.

I just eeked by on the work accounts, fitting in what absolutely had to be done when I'd find a free minute or two.  And then marathon sessions on the one "free" day.  Every once in a while I think ahead - I got lots done in the work department before all the craziness started. I'm SO fortunate to have work-at-home jobs.

Housework, laundry, yardwork.  I'm in the red on those - I'll start catching up today.  Well, maybe tomorrow.  The blogging and sewing/quilting are calling a bit louder.

One account that I'll never be able to get balanced is my prayers of thanks and praise.


Karen said...

oh auntie! what a wonderful post!Now get down to the basement and SEW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sister-what wonders life brings us. Of course that baby was looking into your eyes and knowing the love that was coming to him. AND those smiles are Real. Who has more to smile about than a newborn? Seems to me that the only thing that would be out of wack for a newly hatch one is not being naked in warm water. Now that's something to miss. How wonderful for Dayna that all the children are comfortable with you and Scott. A breather for young parents. A reminder for the old parents of what it's like to be on the clock 24/7! Totally enjoyed your blog. It's such a wonderful way to keep in touch. I guess it would be more reciprocal if I blogged to and I can't imagine doing that. The blank page terrifies me. Funny how just responding is easy and I may rattle on more than anyone wants to hear. Love to both of you, Pat

Kathleen said...

I wish you would blog, but your long comments are the next best thing! I love them! And, yes, having the kids reminds me how hard it is. It also makes me realize and appreciate how much free time and freedom I have.

Karen said...

I agree with Kath, mom, we like ur long comments!