Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Double Dose

My lovin'-on-the-grandkids tank was getting pretty low.  It was Cooper and Dexter to the rescue. We were blessed with two visits in less than two weeks.  Grandma's feeling better :)

A week and a half ago they came down (with Sarah and John in tow) and spent the weekend.  Old Settlers was going on so they took in the parade and enjoyed the rides.

It seems the park was as fun for the boys as the rides!

Monday of this week, they came down with just Sarah for an overnight visit, as soon they will be moving twice as far from us and visiting will be a bit harder.  I'm sooooo happy that John won't be driving four hours a day to get to and from work. Lots more family time for them.  Their new home will be less than a mile from his work! 

While they were here we painted some pictures. 
Well, Cooper did.  Dexter did some experimenting with different surfaces for his paint.

We held car races. 
Pretty nice of Grandpa to have that ramp put in for the toy cars.

A walk to the park for a picnic and some play, more outdoor play with bikes and bubbles and chalk.  Coloring, puzzles and Grandma is feeling MUCH better.

I learned again, as I learn everytime grandkids visit, that
- kids grow fast
- kids are pretty darn clever.... it's hard to stay one step ahead
- I don't appreciate all the free time I generally have
- my grandkids have great parents


Jean said...

Grandkids are fun! Dexter is a hoot trying to paint himself... LOL!

Karen said...

Nice post:) I'm so excited for S and J and boys but sad that they will be further away from you but happy that they will have more time together. Love the ramp grampa installed for the boys;)