Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Weekend, Another Visit

This time it was Marylou (Scott's sister) that came to visit.  Her GPS took her to the farm. Oops.  At least it wasn't far to get to our house from there.  She brought D and Rachel and Bobbie.  It was great to see all of them. 

Part of the purpose of the visit was that she would test drive each of Scott's mobility vehicles and choose one to borrow. Somehow this doesn't quite look like the plan....
There were a few rides on the road and trips across the grass.  There were also a few attempts at races but with 5mph being the top speed that was kind of hard! Both girls decided that any one of the vehicles would work! But mom did get the final say.
D found a vehicle he liked.

D is so cute. He loved smiling for his picture and wanted to see it right away.  He's not afraid to show his emotions and he says what he is thinking.  We loved having him visit.
He has a pretty big surgery coming up so we'll be praying for him, and asking our Lord to help Marylou as she waits for it to be over and deals with the recovery.

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Jean said...

oh, look at that sweet little guy. He's got such a warm, engaging smile. I hope all goes well for his surgery.

He's just a cutie -- Can't help but smile back at him!