Thursday, August 25, 2011

All About Nina - Project Project Runway #4

Project Runway designers were tasked with creating a look for PR judge and Fashion Director of Marie Claire magazine, Nina Garcia, that could be worn to work and then out in the evening for an industry event.  Nina was not bashful about her "don't wants" and listed loud patterns, loud colors, pleats and voluminous clothes as dislikes.  She does like tailored clothes, clean lines, classic with an edge.   A look at some of the clothes she has worn was provided to help start things.

Just Crafty Enough tasked the Project Project Runway designers with the same!


Here is my day look for Nina to wear to work.  A simple black and white skirt with a (hopefully) not too loud pattern.  And a sleek black tank top embellished with a bit of gold stitching along the top.
At the end of the day, Nina can just whip off those straps (they use velcro), add a gold necklace and she's ready for evening!

I don't know how close Nina and Heidi are, but if they like to share clothes, Nina can lend her top to Heidi, who will totally rock it as a short-enough-for-Heidi dress.  Hope that wins me some points with the judges!

Check out the rest of the runway at


kat said...

The Heidi dress is a riot!

Jeanie said...

Lookin' good! Nina better keep an eye on that top!

Tawny said...

I love it! Heidi would totally steal the top (hopefully with a terrific hair pulling fight) and rock it as a dress. :D

Jean said...

I feel a catfight coming on over that top...LOL!

Karen said...