Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off The Track - PPR Challenge #5

Heidi Klum has a line of New Balance shoes.  Who knew gym shoes could be fashionable?!  I never think of gym shoes when I think of fashion. I guess that just shows how much I know.  The challenge for Project Runway, and so for Just Crafty Enough 's Project Project Runway, was to make a look to go with Heidi's shoes. Think fashion and not just gym.... a dress, a suit, classic with a twist.  Denim or suede must be used for at least part of the design - they are materials used in Heidi's shoes. 

Now that I don't hang around horses, I wear gym shoes just about every day.  And I don't think I've ever worn anything but jeans with them.  Okay, maybe occassionally a pair of khaki shorts.... but I always feel like I have the wrong shoes on.  So I'm not sure about a dress with sneakers, but that's what I made.  It took three tries but finally one worked.  Sort of.  I'm hanging on by a thread here. 

Summer is going for a walk in the park and then to the mall.  She wants to dress up just a bit but needs to be comfortable for all that walking.


kat said...

I'm kind of a tennis shoe girl, especially converses & tend to wear them with everything but skirts. Then when I was in Stockholm recently I was surprised to see everyone wearing them with dresses & skirt, so I guess its fashionable! Your dress has a really nice youthful look to it which is perfect for the girl who would wear trainers and a dress.

Jeanie said...

Kathleen, I think the whole outfit is cute. I'm strickly a tennis shoe and jeans person....or on those rare gym days, with work out clothes. I love the comfort of tennis shoes but don't wear them with anything that isn't super casual. I guess when you look like Heidi, you can wear them with anything! I didn't have time to do the challenge this week and I really missed doing it. Too many things are starting up right now and I hope to be able to squeeze in a tiny outfit once in a while. Good job on your outfit!

Karen said...

I wear high heels when I exercise :)

Karen said...

Nice work, the stiching on the skirt.

....its a bit matchy matchy with the hair tie (that was Micheal Kors speaking)

....can you go shorter on the skirt? (HK)