Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pet Project - PPR Challenge #2

Challenge #2 for Project Project Runway was the unconventional challenge.  Not my favorite to watch and, now that I've done it, not my favorite to do!  The rules from Just Crafty EnoughUse anything from a pet store to make your design. (If you have pet stuff at home you can use it rather than buy something.) You can use a base fabric like muslin to build your outfit on. Tim reminds us, “The judges do not respond well to looks that come out of unconventional challenges that use a lot of fabric."

With no pet store close by, and a limited selection in the pet department at the hardware store, I chose to use items from home.

Dog fod bag and vet office leash.

I was pleasantly suprised at the way the bag handled.  It was easy to cut and easy to stitch.  It was NOT easy to turn right side out.  And it did not drape well (surprise, surprise).  I got just a tad frustrated and decided to forego traditional closure.  Out came the scotch tape.  I don't think the judges will notice.

By the time I was finished, the work room was a mess.  Scraps and discarded attempts littered the floor.  The Pepperlove Accessory Wall arrived and was installed, but it still needs to be stocked. 

As I mentioned after the first challenge, my first model needed to be replaced. Lizbeth is doing well and rather relieved that her secret is out.  It was a pleasure to work with my new model, Summer.  She was good natured about all the fittings - there were LOTS! - and was very reassuring whenever I expressed doubts about my design.  I knew she was just being kind, but it helped nonetheless.

The dog food bag was fussy cut to make use of the colors.  The diamond design was cut and stitched to the bottom of the shorts.  The top is a simple sleeveless blouse.  The leash is made from, um, well, er, the leash.

When I told the judges my client was heading to the dog park, Michael said, "Well, that's a good thing, because she isn't fit style-wise to be seen anywhere else!"  Ouch!  That's okay.  I finished and at least all the important parts were covered. 

I'm so looking forward to using fabric.  Those little seams and darts and closures will now seem so much easier.  And rumor has it we'll be working in a larger scale for the next challenge ;)

You can see all the work from the other designers at the Project Project Runway Flickr page.  Some of them are pretty impressive.


Jeanie said...

Cute Kathleen! Love the whole story! These challenges are making me want to sew some "real" clothes for myself, which I haven't done in ages. It's bound to be easier than sewing these tiny clothes out of who-knows-what!

kat said...

OMG you built an accessory wall! Love it!

Karen said...

omg...I'm speechless! Kidding.

I love your accessory wall..brilliant. her outfit is...well...interesting!! is that tape I see?

Janet said...

I too, really like your accessory wall.

jessica said...

I can't see the tape at all. Nice. The colors are gorgeous.

Elisa Black said...

I love reading these posts-- they always make me chuckle. Sounds so fun (and frustrating-- but you persisted!) I love the action shot of "Summer" walking the dog. Glad you found a new model that is supportive. Looking forward to the next one!