Thursday, August 18, 2011

Go Big or Go Home - PPR Challenge #3

Project Runway designers had to create a look for a stilt-walking model.  For Just Crafty Enough's Project Project Runway we had to create a look for our stilt-walking dolls.  And we had to make the stilts.  I used dowel rods and fastened them to Summer's legs with bread ties. (She didn't want sticky tape on her legs.)

When I realized we were designing for really tall girls I thought of a men's tux with tails - they look best on someone that's tall.  So I started there and girled it up.  
I loved the striped pants that Julie and Josh made. They really had a lot of fun motion on the runway.  Not quite ready to get that flashy, I just added one wavy stripe to the side of the pants.
Summer is loving her outfit but is afraid to walk.  She insists that she'll fall.  I promised to catch her but she doesn't trust me.  She says I'll give priority to the camera.  (She may be right!)
Black buttons accent the short front of the jacket and the pleated back hangs past Summer's knees.
The outfit just screamed for something more, hence the glorified top hat. 

The judges could go either way.... "it looks sophisticated and stylish"  or (please, no!) it looks costume-y. 
Fingers crossed!

You can see the rest of the BIG designs at the Project Project Runway Flickr page


Jeanie said...

Lookin' good! I like your female version of the tux tails. And hats and hair pieces seem to be very pleasing to the judges. I'm still struggling with sewing this small stuff. Looks like you are able to get a really close topstitching, right to the edge of the fabric. When I try this, my machine wants to eat the fabric. I'm about ready to turn to glue for everything!
Nice job, Kathleen!

kat said...

See this is the kind of thing I thought the designers should do on the show!

Tawny said...

I'm with Kat on this one - I thought that the designers were going to do something like this for the challenge. It would have been more interesting that's for sure. Your design is fabulous! So far I'm loving all the PPR designs way more than the real show designs. :)

Karen said...

Awesome, auntie! You are really coming into your own style:)

Sarah said...

I love this outfit. Definitely my favorite. I think you could have won the challenge on the show.