Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Am I Missing?

I used to think I was pretty good at math. But either I'm losing my talent as I age, or I am just now realizing I'm not quite that good. When I did the math many, many years ago it worked out that I'd be a millionairre by now. Clearly that didn't happen. When I do the math on my own designs on my quilts I am frequently heading back to the quilt shop for more fabric. (Well, that's not all bad.) So now when I do simple math I don't always trust my answers. I stood in the aisle in Wal-Mart for much longer than it should take to buy a few Ziploc bags as I did the math over and over. Somehow the value pack just doesn't seem to be the best value. What were they thinking? Or, am I missing something basic?

In case you can't see it, the box of 22 Hefty quart bags is $1.00 and the box of 40 Hefty quart bags is $3.28?!

The box of 17 Hefty gallon bags is $1.00 and the box of 30 Hefty gallon bags is $3.28?!



Col said...

Hmmm excitement in a small town? I think you still have your math skills its your sense of adventure that is missing

Anonymous said...

What a fun post...

It's not you that are suffering in your Math skills, it's the management! ;)