Friday, July 3, 2009

Cooper Helps

Cooper came to spend the night sans mom & dad. This morning we headed outside to weed the garden and to water the flowers. Cooper helped with the watering. His own way.

First, you fill your cup.

Then you must watch the water very carefully as you head for the flowers.

Water the flowers.

Back for more.

It's very exacting work.

And every drop needs to get on the flowers.


Karen said... nice to have ur sweet boy with you.

Sarah said...

He's so cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath,
He is adorable! How nice for all of you that Sarah and John can stand to be without him for a bit. And about having your health, OMG, Isn't it so true? I responded to your walking blog entry down below also. I'm going to teaar myself away from the computer and walk as soon as I check Sarah and Karen's blogs. See you on Sunday maybe. Mary Helen, an old friend from LLLI, has her youngest getting married Saturday. I will go to that and to breakfast with our family on Sunday, then I guess up to Michigan. Love, Pat