Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I think I'm addicted

. . . to walking.

I'm really enjoying walking these days. I'm a morning person and my energy generally fades away to nil sometime shortly after dinner (usually by dessert). I thought for a while that if I didn't walk first thing in the morning it wouldn't happen. But my brain wants a cup of coffee first, my belly hollers for breakfast and my hair sticking up in all directions is a good indication that I should shower first before heading outside where I can be seen. (At least one person will pass me on the road. Maybe.) Coffee drunk, breakfast consumed, shower done (hair tamed). I don't want to get all sweaty now - I just showered. So evening walks it is and it's not hard to get out there - I surprise myself. I so enjoy walking. So much that last night it was raining softly and I was really disappointed. I thought of walking anyway - I'd get wet, so what? - but I guess I'm not THAT addicted yet. (Pat, I bet you'd just go and get wet, right?)


Karen said...

...yeah, she does. I ran in the rain a few weeks back and it was really nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen,
I really don't like to get rained on and miss a lot of walking because of that. I've gone ahead and walked anyhow and it was ok. If I got really wet, I took a shower to warm up when I finished. The thing is, our rain happens in the winter when it is cold (40-50 degrees). Our friends in Vancouver just do everything in the rain or nothing would get done. I did buy a very pretty rain jacket this Spring, maybe that help. It's 10:20 and I've been trying to get out for 3 hours. Many things called. We got back from 5 days of camping last night and the yard needed watering this A.M.. And you know how one thing leads to another out there. Alas I walked by the computer and it called, so here I am. Love to you both, Pat

Karen said...

..........45-50 degrees is cold?!? Didn't you used to live here, MOM?!?