Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun at the County Fair

Zak and a baby cow at the petting zoo.

Zak "saving the day". I suspect this was his favorite part of the fair.
He also rode in a "daddy car".

Cooper checking out the bucket in this tractor.
Actually he's checking out the water in the bucket and
trying to figure out if he can get away with stomping his feet in it.

Caycee being shy.

We said on the grass and shared an Elephant Ear and Funnel Cake. The kids snacked and ran around letting off some steam. Shortly after this we were trudging to our cars and minutes later Caycee and Cooper were sound asleep.

We had fun and wore ourselves out. The adults had the kids outnumbered but it sure didn't feel like it. If we do this again I think we need more adults!

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