Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bright Idea . . . or . . . Quilting Disaster Waiting to Happen

As I quilt along, knowing how far my machine will reach makes a big difference in keeping the quilting pattern looking good. Not knowing creates flat circles and lines in funny places. Usually I can keep track by pulling the machine forward before I start and remember where it hits on the block. With the World quilt there's no way to do that. The first couple passes I was either coming down too far or not far enough. So I had the bright idea of laying a bit of fabric where I had to stop. I tried the strips that I had cut for the binding but it looked to much like the quilt. Bright red strips seemed to be the answer. I just hope I don't move any accidentally and wind up quilting bright red fabric to the top of the quilt. I'm keeping my seam ripper close by.

And I punked out with the quilting design. I doodled pages of different quilting designs and yet I'm doing a meandering all over. Too scared to try something new when I don't have time to rip it out if I don't like it.


Cara said...

You are very brave. I've had that kind of 'gret idea' too. They seem to come back to bite me.

Katidids said...

The stitching looks wonderful! I love free form quilting like that