Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is wrong with the Cat?!

I really like my morning time. A cup of coffee and some quiet time to read a book or read some blogs. It's probably my favorite time of day. But lately this cat is driving me nuts. He used to think it was quiet time too. Now, after he drinks his milk (which he insists on loudly just in case I might forget to get it for him when I get my coffee), he is quiet for five minutes. That lulls me into thinking we're back to our old routine.

Then it's down the hall to meow loudly outside the bedroom door where a certain someone is still sleeping. (Not everyone is a fan of early morn). So I call "kitty" hoping to not have to get up. "Kitty. I'll pet you." Doesn't work. Put down the coffee, put down the book, walk down the hall, pick up the kitty and deposit him in the living room. We repeat this procedure two or three times.

Quiet time for five minutes.

Next he sits in front of the gate to the dog room (laundry room) and hits the gate. This has a dual purpose. First, it is to let me know that he wants to go through the dog room so he can go in the basement. Second, it gets the dogs wound up. Even the cat multi-tasks. So kitty and I climb over the gate and kitty goes in the basement.

Quiet time for five minutes.

Now kitty is scratching at the basement door. Again, dual purpose. I collect the kitty who must have a drink of water from the dogs' water bowl because of course it tastes better than kitty's water. I wait for kitty and watch Butch who is ready to go on the attack because, OMG, kitty is drinking HIS water! Back over the gate go kitty and I.

Quiet time for five minutes.

Now it's the family room sliding glass door. Kitty wants to go in the yard. At least the kitty paw on glass doesn't make as much noise as the kitty paw on dog gate. That means kitty needs to make noise to get my attention. I never knew cats could be so vocal and so loud. I always thought they just meowed. Quietly. He can't go in the yard - too cold & wet and he won't come in when he gets wet - he'll just cower under a bush and hope to be rescued - it's really kind of pathetic. Finally gives up and has some breakfast.

It's quiet; dare I hope?


Anonymous said...

Nice commentary on the cat. The problem is that you are up during his time so he figures you might as well make his life more interesting and fun. The best part was that he would sit under a tree and wait to be picked up instead of scratching at the door. Hope he gave you more than those 5 minutes.Commented earlier(at an outragous hour) on the Tin Woman entry. Penny asked me a couple of days ago if mom went. Pat

Kathleen said...

I noticed the outrageous hour on the Tim Woman entry. Mom did not go... too far to walk. We've offered the use of Scott's wheelchair or one of the scooters but she hasn't wanted to do that. I think the press of the crowd would've been difficult for her too.

Karen said... crack me up, auntie!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, I didn't think about the crowd. I'm guessing that it would be a challenge to feel to noticed coming in in a chair also. That's got to take some getting used to. Interesting the things that one chooses to give up-the hard choices that need to be made. Pat

Col said...

Warning to cat- Change or you are OUT!!