Monday, February 16, 2009

Canada Geese are walking back North

I found this to be funny (I don't know why - it just made me laugh). I've seen geese flying and I enjoy the visual even if they are headed South sometimes. I've seen geese on the ground, usually near a body of water. But I've never noticed them in a harvested cornfield. The field hadn't been tilled after harvest so all the stumps were still there and the geese weren't noticeable right away. Then even after I spotted them I realized there were so many more than what I first saw. They spread out in every direction. Then I spotted the backs - geese that had their heads done eating. (Have I mentioned I'm slow?) There were SO many. This picture shows a very small portion of them. All those little brown spots are geese backs. (or is it goose backs? anyone?)

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Cara said...

Geese - goose, both I think! It is amazing, even though they are a nuisance some times. And they need to stay out of Jet engines!