Monday, February 9, 2009

This one is going to be fun

I'm making a "match me" quilt. 24 blocks . . . 12 pairs of matching blocks all mixed up in the layout. Fun to make and fun after, too. I like the pink & brown & blue, just not sure about the creme for the sashing(?) . I need to learn to make my own fabric . . . I know in my head what I want but it's not on the shelf at the store!


Sarah said...

I like the fabric. You can make your own:
or if that's too pricey:

Karen said... this fabric. Can't wait to see what you do.

YFA said...

Very Pretty fabric, I like the touch of pink. I can't believe you lived on a farm, That is my dream, where was it?

Kathleen said...

Well we called it a (horse) farm... only 15 acres (OMG we couldn't believe we had 15 acres!) and we LOVED it. I was our dream too AND we got to live it for 5 whole years. Now it's time for small town suburban living. Wonder what's next. Anyway to answer the question... 100 miles south of the city; where we could actually afford 15 acres.

Col said...

LOVE the fabric- can't wait to see the finish product!