Thursday, February 26, 2009

Star Quilt

I'm keeping this one. It's going on the twin bed in the basement. There's plenty of leftover fabric (because this started out as a king size quilt) so maybe I'll make pillows. The bed will be used more for seating than for sleeping, so LOTS of pillows.

When we had horses and followed the barrel racing circuit, we used to check out all the cool rigs. Big dually diesel pickup trucks and gooseneck horse trailers. Loved the way the trucks sounded as they idled. Now I treasure my sewing machine and quilting frame "rig" and I love the way the machine sounds as I create stars or flowers with thread.


Karen said...

....beautiful work!

Col said...

You are amazing. SO much talent. Maybe one day, I think about the art of quilting Don't get your hopes up.

Karen said...

Very nice!