Sunday, June 29, 2008

One year ago today

It's been a year since we sold the farm and moved to our house in a "rural subdivision" of our little town. At that time it was such a frantic rush to find a home and then to pack up a house and five buildings and move it all by the closing date, that there wasn't even time to dwell on what we were doing or how our life was changing. God's pretty smart! We drive by the farm occasionally and now that it has greened up for the summer there's just a teensy bit of sadness. The new people make us feel welcome to stop in anytime. We sure had a blast while we were there and how many people get to realize their dreams - we sure have been blessed. And we really like our new home. A time for everything.

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Anonymous said...

Boy-you are so right about a time for everything. It hardly seems posible that it was a year ago that you moved. What an enormous undertaking. It's so wonderful that the two of you made that dream come true for yourselves and shared it with others. Life-it's an amazing and so unpredictable. Hi to Scott. Love Pat