Saturday, June 21, 2008

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Anybody remember where we parked? (Is that the Apple Dress I see?)

The car finally showed up and we found a place to go!

Yesterday it was 33 years that we have been married. YIKES! (I was 12 at the time)

Mom & Dad are thinking "only two more to go"

Grandma Brown (or "Fram" to some)

Look at these two cuties.

Awww. It's hard to believe it's been so many years. We've been up and down and all around. We've had lots of fun, adventures, dreams come true and maybe a few disagreements. We'd both do it all again. Looking forward to the what lies ahead for us.


Sarah said...

Congratulations Mom & Dad! Love you!

Karen said... sweet! Congrats on 33 grand and glorious years! Sorry about the apple dress....I had to have/wear it!

Kathleen said...

I like the apple dress - it had personality!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful stroll down memory lane! A belated Happy Anniversary! I forgot you guys went to Mickey Ds. Probbly the best meal you had all day. It is hard to enjoy food at your reception. There is so much going on! yikes! Been enjoying Sarah's and Dayna's blogs also. What great moms. I'm impressed with their writing and that they find time to do it! Also it takes me back to the day. Love, Pat

Kathleen said...

Thanks everyone. I enjoyed the stroll too. Regarding the new, great moms, I'm amazed that they find time to do ANYTHING. They manage to play with and love their kids and still do stuff. When I watch the kids my house looks like a disater area - just like it did when my kids were small. But everyone gets held and loved and the mess won't go anywhere.

Kathy said...

Wow can't believe it's been 33 years. I hope you had a wonderful day

Love you guys, Kathy