Sunday, June 8, 2008

Annie got a shampoo and a haircut today. Don’t know that she looks any better but I’ll bet she feels better… a lot cooler without all that hair.

I need to plant all these flowers. Only a third of what I purchased has been planted so far and I’ve had these for a week. I asked for installation when I bought them, but noOOoo. As soon as it stops raining and I stop procrastinatiog, both at the same time, they’ll be in the ground! (Don’t hold your breath. Besides, they look just fine, don’t they?)

I think this plant is so pretty. Plus it doesn’t have to go in the ground! - no work!

Can anybody tell me what this is...
...just one of the many plants at our new home that I have no idea how to care for, let alone what it is. And it's taking over.


Karen said...

...Annie looks very happy. love the flowers...I have no idea what that last thing is...sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath, finally made it to your blog. All the flowers look great. I've been known to buy flowers that didn't make it into the ground for one reason or another. I enjoyed them just the same. When they bit the dust, I justified it by telling myself that I buy cut flowers and within 10 days they are gone. Hey-what a fun way to see what is going on in your family. Love, Pat