Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's really gonna happen

The post office called this morning to say a trunk had arrived. Then she said "He's coming home, isn't he?" Way to make me cry. Actually it's months before he gets home but we're over the hump. He sent what I guess is cold weather stuff. It sounds silly, but when I picked up the trunk at the post office it kinda made him feel closer. He said to go ahead and open it, that there are boots in there and Zak is into other peoples shoes lately. And Zak is also into anything "Daddy" - should be fun.


Karen said... awesome.Open it! open it! I want to see whats inside. Make sure to get a pic of Zac with Daddy's shoes!

Anonymous said...

Yippee!! It won't be long now.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kath-how happy I am for all you. I can't imagine how hard this must have been. I wrote a lengthy comment to Dayna yesterday and was unable to post it because anonymous was no longer available. Chuck tried to talk me through signing up for an identity but alas I couldn't get it. Be seeing you soon. Love, Pat

Sarah said...

Can't wait to hear about Zak seeing that.. definitely take pictures!