Thursday, September 29, 2011

Image Is Everything - PPR#9

The challenge -  create a look for the rock band, the Sheep Dogs.

Rather than rough and tough, denim and leather rock star, I went for an upscale rock star look; kind of country turned rock.

The band was on the road so Summer modeled the look that I created for their lead singer. 

 Heidi liked the bling on the jacket.
 Michael Kors liked the fit of the pants.
(I was pretty impressed myself!)
Nina liked that it was a little different; not the same old, same old.... and there was no embroidery floss to be seen!


See the rest of the designs at the ProjectProjectRunway Flickr page or at Just Crafty Enough.


kat said...

Pants are so tricky aren't they. I know I felt a real sense of satisfaction doing them.

Jeanie said...

Great job, Kathleen. Nice fit and good looking outfit. Gee, I didn't like any of the designers styles. You'd win! (Another week that I didn't have time for the challenge..oh well.)

Karen said...

Rock on, auntie! I'm loving these posts:)

Jean said...

I'm just loving this series!