Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sew 70's - PPR#10

Project Runway designers used looks from the 70's for inspiration and were required to create two looks.  Project Project Runway designers worked with the same challenge.

I love the earthy colors that were a part of many of the clothes of the 70's, and I loved the long flowing skirts and dresses.

Summer walks the runway in a simple long, loose dress of peachy, flowery cotton with a sweetheart neckline.  The open front shows a hint of leg.
I see she kicked off her shoes. 

 But she still works it on the runway. 
Lizbeth is wearing a long skirt, a tank top and a wrap-around vest.... she's feeling light and breezy.
Heidi:  "I like the open fronts of the garments.
Michael Kors:  "A definite thumbs up on the simple dress."
Nina:  "I can't decide if I like that vest or not!  I'll give you points for trying something different."

Okay.  Ready to fly into the next challenge!

Check out the rest of the designers' work at the ProjectProjectRunway Flickr page or at Just Crafty Enough.


Jeanie said...

I like both outfits! There was a day.....a long time ago..... when I wore things like this with hot pants underneath the long, open skirts. A longgggggg time ago! Nice job, Kathleen!

Jean said...

Maxis, Minis, and Midis... Oh I remember the daze of hemline confusion. Loved the outfits! And the comments crack me up... so on the money...Bwahahahaahahahahah!

Karen said... the fress....I would like to order one in a size 12 please:)