Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Can't We All Get Along?! - PPR#7

For Challenge #7 the Project Runway designers had to work in teams again (ugh!), create their own fabric, and each create one look for a collection.  Their inspiration had to be drawn from the city.  They did NOT all get along.  Joshzilla and Baby Bert clashed and clashed.

Since the Project Project Runway designers would be working on their own, only one look was necessary.  We were, however, admonished by Just Crafty Enough to try to get along with ourselves.

In any city in the summer time you can find kids playing with chalk, creating art on the sidewalk, and playing hopscotch.  I was inspired by the colors and the relaxed, fun feeling one gets when playing with chalk.

I made two fabrics . . . . .

One is brown zigzag stitches and straight line stitches of orange and green in chalk-like shades on a background of gray.
The other is strands of embroidery floss in chalk-like shades of pink and blue, zigzag stitched with pink thread, again on a background of gray.

My mini-collection, Sidewalk Chalk:

Dressy enough for a lunch date but casual enough for a pick-up game of hopscotch! 

Heidi:  I like that Summer's dress is tight and shows off her figure.  Lizbeth's skirt is almost short enough.
Michael Kors:  What is that on Summer's dress?! Is it a cowl? Is it a collar? I don't think I like it.
Nina:  I like your inspiration and your "collection" is cohesive.  I wonder, though, if you aren't a bit "one note" - we've seen embroidery floss on nearly everything you've made so far.  You really need to step it up!

Sounds like I squeaked by again.

We did all get along.  I think the girls had fun. Lizbeth was happy to help out and be modeling again. Summer really enjoyed herself and even picked up some chalk and doodled a little . . .

Extra points to anyone who can guess her last name and her true love's name ;)

Check out the rest of the designs at the ProjectProjectRunway Flickr page.


Karen said...

ROTFL!!!! U. R. so funny!!

Lets see, where do i Summer's last name Day? true love....hmmmm..I'll mull that one over.

I'll let MK know that its a bib....she's going to Red Lobster and wanted her bib to be natchy matchy.

Love Lizbeth's whole ensomble(sp?. Top is adorable as is skirt. Nina want's her to turn around,tho. Also, Nina poo-poo'd lizbeth's 2-tone hair. Altho,she did appreciate that the girls hair and make-up were cohesive.

HK wants that dress minus the bib, please.....she would'nt be caught dead at RLob!

A pick-up game of hopscotch? Yes!

u da' bomb, auntie;)Love you and love these posts.

Thinking when this is over and you win a car and $100,000 from Garnier to start your own collection, you should turn these posts into a little book :)

Karen said...

...sorry...I was so excited to say all the stuff above i forgot to spell check.....:)

Jeanie said...

Oh wow....Summer Day was my first thought too, but I "drew" a blank with the lover. Maybe Sunny.....
Anyway, cute story line and cute fabric line! As always, very creative and cute as can be!

Jean said...

You are cracking me up big time. As we say in the south... "you ain't right"

Don't worry, that's a compliment!

Col said...

Summer day and stormy weather- opposites attract.

You are too funny!!

Karen said...

Great guess, auntie Col....I bet ur right!

Kathleen said...

Kudos to Karen and Col for their correct guesses! You win 5% and 10% (respectivley) of my season ending winnings!!!

Kathleen said...

grrr spelling! "respectively"

Col said...

Yippee for us!! We know you are going to make it to the finals. Let's go to DQ to celebrate!

Bonnie said...

It's hard for creative types to get along with anyone, including their ownselves! So congratulations on acing that!

Your "Hopscotch Chic" collection is adorable, although I'm tending to agree with Michael Kors about that collar. Just a little raw around the edge, hmm? But a minor quibble in the overall cuteness of the collection!