Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Women Want - PPR#8

This week we had to work for a client that wanted an outfit for a significant other or a friend.  Karen requested something for Col, a school teacher, that she could wear to work and would still be appropriate for heading out with colleagues for the evening... dinner perhaps. We had to make the client and end-user happy but not lose ourselves.

Colleen was much too busy with her teaching duties to have time for the runway, so Summer said she would gladly model the outfit.  They look pretty similiar except Col's hair is a bit darker and her feet are daintier than Summer's.

The outfit is a below-the-knee skirt with a little fullness for ease of movement in the classroom.  A loose fitting sweater in tea-dyed oh-so-very-soft fabric is on top, with a braided belt to pull it together.  Of course the belt is from embroidery floss - that's the me part.  And there are strands of shiny gold running through the belt - that's for Col - we all know she likes her bling!

That Summer just can keep her shoes on!  Not a good example for the kids!

Heidi yawns.
Michael Kors says that it's appropriate for a teacher but thinks it could be found at any store. (Not with that belt, Michael!)
And if Nina liked Oliver's pet store challenge top, she has to love this one, so that should keep me in the running 'til next week.  

I'm starting to realize I'm not fashion designer material... shhhh.... don't tell.  

Head over to Just Crafty Enough or the ProjectProjectRunway Flickr page to see the full Runway show.


kat said...

Oh my gosh you are right it is similar to the top they all raved over in the pet store challenge.

Karen said...

Well,nice work as usual.

Heidi says: Maybe Col can roll up the skirt a little when she goes out for the a little leg.

Tawny said...

I love the belt. And yes, I'm starting to realize that it's all you and that's what makes it special. Great design this week.

Col said...

Wow love the outfit. I haven't had time to check out my wardrobe as I have been busy grading papers. My students will be so happy I dressed up for the day and the it is shoeless day!!