Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Art of the Matter - PPR #6

Project Runway designers paired with art students to create a piece of artwork that would be the inspiration for an avant garde garment.

Since we can't go to Harlem School of the Arts and create artwork with a student, Just Crafty Enough gave us Project Project Runway designers the option of using an existing piece of art for our inspiration.  Bad enough that I show my lack of fashion design here - I'm not about to show a piece of what could not by any stretch be called art.  So off I went in search of someone else's art.

I chose this art photo of a mountain stream . . .

Dee Parniske

After soaking up the essence of the photo, I sorted through my stash. Though the colors in the photo are more in the greys, greens and whites, I felt a brown batik I had with swirls of turquoise conveyed the feeling of the water. 
 Texture Magic was stitched to a large square of the batik, then steamed to give it the texture that imitates the rise and fall and rush of the water over the rocks. The back of the garment has shredded fabric for a flowing feeling.

I was tempted to string some blue ribbons through Summer's hair but I kept hearing Michael Kors (channelled through Karen) say "too matchy-matchy" so I resisted. 

It won't be the best on the runway but here's hoping I can slide by in the middle again!


Jeanie said...

I think you did another great job! I like your water flow and the bumpy "rocks". And for two weeks in a row, I didn't have time to make mine. I have the picture and the fabric, just no time. Maybe next week!

Jean said...

I love your interpretation! The texture magic nailed it!

Karen said...

Wonderful! You know the judges LOVE when you take their advice :)

Sarah said...

I haven't been to your blog in so long! I love this dress. Wanna make one in my size?