Monday, January 31, 2011

Craftapalooza III

Oh. What. Fun.

Karen hosted Craftapalooza this time.  What a treat to visit with the girls and do crafty things in her super awesome craft room!  Surrounded by all her pretty things you couldn't help but think creatively.  There is even a sign commanding you to

 Jennifer wanted to learn to quilt the top she made.
Karen set her up with a practice piece. 

Look how happy quilting makes her!

Karen with her "cheaters".... she looks happy 'cause she's sewing AND she can SEE what she's sewing.

Sarah made a few baby/toddler sized leg warmers for her Etsy shop Cooped Up.  Amy is in the background.  She's smiling because she just confirmed her travel plans to a warmer place are intact.

Jennifer is quilting away on her first quilt!!!
Look are her go!  So happy! 
It's going to be a nice comfy snuggle-under quilt.

Here's Colleen in a rare moment between crafting.
Actually Col has been in crafter-denial for a few years.
Her craft was paper grading.  She's funny.


Sophie was a great hostess.  She made everyone feel noticed.
And she dressed for the occassion.

Col brought cheese cake.... Mmmmmm.  
Ahhh, sitting in a beautiful craft room among family and friends,
with cheese cake and coffee. 
Doesn't get much better!

Karen and I had a camera shoot showdown.
She let me win.

It was wonderful to abandon responsibilities and just enjoy the day, recharge the batteries, and talk and laugh and create. 
I didn't create much but I did soak it all in. 
Thanks Karen!!!


Jackie said...

It looks like a wonderful, wonderful time! I love the camera shoot showdown too.

Jeanie said...

What fun!!!! It's so nice to share the love of sewing and crafting with others!

Karen said...

Oh it went too fast...I loved having you all over. Looking forward to doing it again!Soon!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting to see the pictures of your gathering. I love that all you wonderful women get together. Your crafting room is amazing Karen! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh and a big thanks to Adam who kept his dad company out in the little house on the prairie while the woman circled their wagons to craft. I thought I was on Karens blog when I left the above comment. Penny had been looking at the blogs and I horned in to leave comments before leaving for work. Love, Pat

mfa said...

Sorry I missed it, maybe next time.

Cara said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!