Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Password Is.....

Does this sound familiar?

Not so very long ago I had only a password for my ATM card and for voicemail for my pager.  That was it.

The pager is gone, thank goodness. And the passwords have taken over. 
There's still one for the ATM card. 
Another for the bank account online. 
A password for the mortgage website.
One for the credit card account.
And for the gas card account.
Another for the cellphone website.

One for the blog. 
One for each of two e-mail accounts. (There are at least three more e-mail accounts but they don't get used because I can't remember the password.)
A password for etsy.
For Flickr.
For Facebook.
And Amazon.
And iTunes
One for Piknic.
Another for YouTube.

And since I telecommute...
One job has a password to access the program that will connect to the computers.
More passwords for actually connecting to each of three computers.
And one to log-on to Windows once I'm connected.

The other job has a password for the website.
One for the blog.
Another for e-mail.
And one for Facebook.

HELP!!!!!  (That should be my new default password.  Hmmm)

I lost count a long time ago.  Each time I have to create a password I think I'm being really smart and choosing one that will be easy to remember.  Hah!  The smart thing would be to use the same one for everything but they all seem to have different requirements.  And besides, I'm not that smart.

So I need to write all these down.  And now I have a place to do it....


Quilts and Cats said...

That is so true! To make things worse I have 2 accounts at work that make me change the password every 3 months! It's a crazy world!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about passwords.

I finally got my machine back from repair. Hoping to score on some inchies if I can get to it today. Lots to do.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oops, I stuttered.

Karen said...

You forgot to tell us what ur passwords are.......love the notebook ;)

Jeanie said...

Very cute! I have the same problem and keep my passwords in a very un-cute Rolodex. Might be time for an update!

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I long ago dedicated an address book to passwords. what a oddly ridiculous life we've mapped out :)

Sarah said...

Very cute!
(BTW, I thought I was up & moving pretty early 'cause I have little ones that don't let me sleep, but you posted this at 5am & already SIX people have commented. Holy crap!)

Sarah said...

P.S. It took me 3 tries to post that 'cause I (wait for it...) forgot my password.

Anonymous said...

I say we go back to the tin can and piece of string...


Anonymous said...

Too cute. But I went the way of making all passwords the same. I'm lucky some days to remember that one!

Karen in In


Cara said...

I thought I was the only one with a notebook for pass words! Yours is much cuter, though. Even tho I write them down, I can't always find them ... ugh. It'smaking me crazy!