Monday, January 3, 2011

Series Premiere... Coming Soon! - Updated

I asked.  You answered.  My post "Challenge Me" was answered with encouraging comments and two challenges.  I'm pretty sure at least one of those was a "tongue-in-cheek" challenge but I'm going for it anyway!

So, in response to Rae, I am creating my own challenges.  And, in response to Karen, I am creating . . .

(insert theme music and fanfare here)

The Krazy Kathleen Krafter Show!

Each episode will consist of a challenge with four elements...
1.  Iron Craft rules for the week must be followed.
2.  WOW rules for the week must be followed.
3.  Must include one item chosen at random from the "Brown Paper Bag" (no peeking!)
4.  Finished item must be a) suitable for gifting or b) listing on Etsy or c) at least usable by me.  Extra points for a) or b)

Join me as a spectator, or even better, participate!  I'd love to have guests on the show!

UPDATE: The "Brown Paper Bag":  If you are joining us, YOUR "Brown Paper Bag" is YOURS!  Put in anything crafty (or otherwise!) that you can find.  Add to it when you can/want.  Include a few items that you are scare you.  After all, it is a challenge.  Mine is a virtual bag and is listed on my side bar.  I'm using to select my item.   

UPDATE: My brown paper bag item for this week is Cotton Balls.

Series Premiere is Thursday, Jan 6th, on this very channel.  Plan your week accordingly.

Visits from grandchildren and MS flares may create scheduling changes as these events cause sewing/quilting/crafting/leisure time to become non-existent. :)


JustCindy said...

Good luck with your challenges!

Karen said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS. You've really gone and lost it this time! But I love it!!! I shall fill my "Brown" bag right now. Do I need to have the same items that is in yours? If so, what is texture magic? is it that stuff that crinkles the fabric?

Make a button so I can post it on my blog,Krazy!

Kathleen said...

Your "Brown Paper Bag" should have ANYTHING you want in it... and maybe a few things you are afraid to work with... more challenge. yep, texture magic is the stuff that crinkles the fabric.

Chris said...

OK. Now that the theme from Rocky is playing my head I have to come back see your progress!

rae said...

This is awesome!!