Thursday, January 27, 2011

You and Me and You and Me and . . . .

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Krafter Show.  (I can't believe it hasn't been cancelled yet!)  Please remember all stunts performed are done by a professional and on a closed course.  Don't try this at home!

I like it!

Look what came in the mail!!!  It feels like Christmas.  I want to peek!!!  Karen wrapped up items to add to my Brown Paper Bag.  I think I guessed what one is .... of course I had to play with the packages . . . . but the rest - I haven't a clue!   Now I just need to figure out how to put them in my virtual bag.  Oh, the troubles I have.   Thanks Karen!!!   

Rae says I need shrinky dinks in the bag.  Good idea!  Gotta get me some.  Rae says a sewing machine is in her future... another convert.... she doesn't even know the fun she is in for! 


Sheila said...

Really cute Kathleen , it is a great way to decorate a plain mug!

Anonymous said...

Ok. I love this in so many ways. it's not overly valentine-y. Secondly, I love how you created the feel using words and cut it out freehand! That's called making your own fabric! What confidence!

You can sew buttons using your machine. Lots of patience and hand-work on your wheel to check needle position before you put the pedal to the metal.

Great job! I'm glad you didn't draw cotton balls again... that would have been tough...LOL

Karen said...

OH Lordy! where do I start????
I loved how cut the words out so casual-like....impressive!

Your videos are getting better every time!

i liked how you plunked the cup down in the beginning...cracked me up for some reason;)

The finished product is adorable.....does it work?

I'm jealous that you have your own show ;)

You can NEVER be cancelled!!! This is my favorite program!!

Can't wait to hang out with you Saturday!

Cara said...

I love the video! Is there anything you can't do?? You are so good with the cutting thing too. And the cup cozy is adorable.