Monday, June 15, 2009

Zak turns three!

Zak shared his spot in front of the birthday cake with Caycee. She totally thought all the singing and clapping was for her.
You can guess what happened after this picture! Just one quick taste though, and then they waited to be served.
Cooper sat still only long enough to be served his piece of cake. . . . . and then he was off!

This was so cute - I wish the picture was better. One of Zak's gifts was a bunch of cool looking water guns. This is Zak asking Cooper if he wants a drink of water. Cooper was non-committal, but he didn't walk away so Zak naturally took that as a yes. "Open your mouth, Cooper." Maybe Cooper doesn't know what open means. He stood there waiting. "Open your mouth, Cooper." Nothing. "Like this, Coop" Zak opens wide. So cute to see the two of them together.

I didn't see the end of the exchange - Caycee grabbed my finger for a walk. And when Caycee wants a walk she can really convey to you where she wants to go! She's a power finger-holder- on-er.

At one point during the day Justin was teasing Dayna. Something about how all the pickles were disappearing so fast. Their fun little argument went back and forth and Justin was relentless (he was Justin), Dayna couldn't win no matter what. I finally asked her "Dayna, remember this time last year?" She says "when I couldn't wait to have him home? - hah!"

Celebrating Zak's birthday with Daddy home is sooooo much better!

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