Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funny How Your Mind Works

Mom used to make this very yummy cheesecake. Not heavy and dense, but so light and sweet. You could find room for more than one piece if there was enough to go around for seconds. It wasn't made in a round pan. She made it in a rectangular pan. You know, the 9 X 13 inch grey kind. Now, mind you, I haven't had this cake in years (over a decade?). And I've had lots of lasagna and sheet cakes served out of the same kind of pan. But a couple mornings ago I opened my refrigerator, saw this sitting there (and I'm the one who baked the lasagna and put it there!) and for just a split second I thought (and could almost taste) CHEESECAKE!

Maybe it's just my mind. When do you need to start watching out for senility? Anyone seen my keys? Actually losing keys is not a problem since we moved to the country - they are always in the same place. Anyone seen my glasses?

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Cara said...

I like the way your mind works!

We could probably find that cheese cake recipe if we put our minds to it. Perhaps a family member has a copy?
Being older, and more forgetful, than you, I have learned to always put my keys in the same place and keep my glasses on my face. The more things I 'lose' the more I realize that I can't deviate. That wonderful new place that makes so much sense at the moment, is impossible to remember later.