Saturday, June 20, 2009

I want to know!

Is it all Irish families or just my O'family that is cursed with the generous belly. And don't tell me it's because I was pregnant three times. I had a bump out belly way back before kids and I only weighed 98 pounds.

Just before we started a family we decided to get life insurance. I remember telling our life insurance agent my weight for the application and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. He must have said three or four times "I'm sure you're mistaken. I'll put you down for 105." I told him over and over, "No, I weigh 98" thinking how thick is HE?! Yes, I know. I'm slow. It's this puffy belly - it's distracting.

Anyway. No real problems anywhere else. Just the belly. The belly extends around to the sides when the weight goes up but lose the weight and it's the belly that's left. Oh, and the double chins that most of the family has. Present at birth, I think. So, is this an Irish thing? Or just my family?


Karen said...

beleive me...I feel ur pain.

rae said...

Double chins and the belly! All us cousins have a code-name for the double-chin in group photos: it's our great-grandma's Irish last name.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen,
The double chin and the little or big pot belly. Sure is a puzzle. I do remember your tiny bump as a young woman and wondered how it could be at that time. It's hard not to be critical of my body and that has been true all my life. I look back at pictures of me as a teenager and remember that I was critical even then,WITH NOTHING TO BE CRITICAL ABOUT! I guess it's the human condition. I am grateful for this earthen vessel and the fact that it works well with few glitches. I do continue to dream about a svelt body and only a tiny belly. Doing what is needed to accomplish that holds varing degrees of willingness depending on the day. I do try to keep being healthy as a priority. It's just that tasty things jump into my mouth when I off guard. Yes my hand helps them. So bla,bla ,bla. Having said all that, staying sane about our bodies is a challenge and important for our mental health and that of our children.
On to something else. The photos and text of your evening walk post are wonderful! Again so much to be grateful for. This is a beautiful country we live in and it's wonderful to find it outside the door! All it takes is looking. Great to see you last Sunday. Thank you for the gloves. It's always hard for me to get new gardening gloves dirty. Oh so silly. Lots of love to you and Scott. Pat

Katidids said...

Oh, I hope thats what I can blame it on, I'm SURE its not this good chocolate I crave !