Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Evening Walks

That last hour before sunset is such a perfect time for walking in the summer. Last night there was a bit of a breeze and things were cooling down already. I took a quick picture of the lilies before I hit the road.

I usually walk to the next road and then head north. It takes me past the retired veterinarian's house. Sometimes one of his antique cars is out and its something to look at. If not, his yard is pretty with a wood rail fence, lots of trees and a garden area. Then it's fields on either side until the railroad tracks. The corn is already knee high and looks like line art when you look down the rows. It just popped through the ground a few weeks ago. It grows so fast. Soon we'll be surrounded by walls of corn and no view to the north or south. On the other side of the railroad tracks is a field that's never planted, just lots of wild plants and tall grass. In the evening the red winged blackbirds are all over the field, singing and flitting around and, I'm guessing, busy with a last burst of energy before settling down for the night.

Last night I turned south instead, and walked along the gravel road. Since it had rained earlier in the day I figured I was safe - I wouldn't get covered in dust if a car came along. This took me along the wheat field. Its already turning from green to gold.

There were lots of little, colorful wildflowers (weeds?) growing in the ditches. The colors were peeking through the long grass.

And, perfect timing, the sun was setting just as I was getting back home. Time to get off the road.


Karen said...

the pics are really live in a pretty place.

rae said...

These pictures are amazing!

Cara said...

Wow! You have a great 'eye'. You are one talented lady! Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice quiet walks in the country....beautiful pictures to go along with it. The city has its own beauty...SHOPPING!! HA!