Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Changing Wallpaper

Scott is often on the computer as I toddle off to bed. The last thing he does on the computer at the end of the night is to change the wallpaper. When I get up in the morning and sit down at the computer with my first cup of coffee I see the new wallpaper. It's always fun to see a new picture and the reactions each day are different - but there is almost always a smile involved. Here are three of the most recent wallpaper pictures. One of them was so cute in a "cute-as-dickens / gotta-pinch-those-cheeks" kind of way. One of them was soooo very sweet. And I was still awake when one of them was put up. I was sitting at the table doing some computing of my own and Scott told me to look towards the desktop to see the new wallpaper pic. I had just taken a big ole sip of coffee and nearly choked to keep from spewing it all over my laptop as I laughed out loud. Here's the pics . . . .

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