Monday, June 15, 2009

A Bag, a Map & a Quilt

I made this bag for Col. I think the colors look lots better in person - I couldn't seem to adjust them accurately in the picture. I got so many ideas working on this bag - I'm going to have to play around with more.

Here's a few blocks from the map quilt. Once it's together I know I'll like the way all the fields look in the "big picture" but right now I'm loving the little squares that represent all the little farms . . . and the church, too!

. . . and the quilt: Karen trusted me with her pretty pinwheel quilt. I was afraid to start on it, but once I did . . . . so much fun!


Karen said...

1)The bag was great and much more colorful in person.
2)Love that u drew the chuch and the cows...they look great!
3)I can't thank u enough for doing my quilt.....I won't be able to see it til tomorrow afternoon when I can stop by Amy's. It looks so great in the pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Kathleen,

The bag was super cute! I can't wait for my birthday!! Just kidding, the gardening gloves were an unexpected and wonderful gift! I used them today, and guess what? No dirt under the fingernails!!!! You are right, they are great gloves. Thanks again, that was super thoughtful.


rae said...

The fabric on that bag is amazing!

Kathleen said...

Amy, glad you like the gloves. Rae, the fabric looked even better in person.

Col said...

I love my beautiful bright beach bag and gardening gloves. I used the gloves today and no dirt under the nails. They are also great for working around roses so you don't get stuck by thorns.

Cara said...

The bag is bright and beautiful! And all your little kids are adorable. As a (non)relative newcomer, I'm trying to figure out the family. I know Karen and Amy are your nieces. Can you fill me in on your immediate family?

Kathleen said...

Cara, Sarah, my oldest is holding Cooper in the previous post. The big guy (sometimes with a beard) that you see holding Cooper occasionally is her husband John.
Justin is my middle child; he's Zak & Caycee's dad and Dayna is his wife. There's a pic of them in one of the deployment label posts. Adam is my youngest. He's making us a cheesecake in the last November post. That's it, just three. I think they are all awesome and they picked awesome mates.