Friday, September 19, 2008

Zak's Quilt

Zak has a new "big boy" bed and needs a quilt to go on it. Since the bed is really a fire truck!!! (how cool is that?!) the quilt needs to have fire trucks. This isn't what I pictured doing but there wasn't a big selection of fabric with this theme... and it's supposed to be police cars too but I couldn't find any. I'll keep looking for fabric. Maybe I'll need to make another quilt when I find just the right fabric! This one had lots of other cars on it and I might use large pieces for the border. I don't think I like the dark blue block - not enough contrast. I'm going to try light blue. Then I'll use dark blue sashing with 4 square blocks between. Can't wait to see it finished . . . I can't sew fast enough . . . and then there's all those other things that get in the way of sewing . . . eating, sleeping, working, blah, blah, blah.


Karen said...

go to 'Images" on Google and type in 'fabric with police cars' and you'll find a few prints....BTW, you're such a good Gramma!

Kathleen said...

You are so right - I mean about the Google search. But I wanted to bring it this weekend so I couldn't order on line. My local quilt shop (which I love) didn't have any so I went to Joann's ... ick ... they had fabric but I like my LQS even more now!

Anonymous said...

I like the quilt. It is made by Grandma- how cool is that.