Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grandma Lu's Chocolate Chip Cookies, mmmmm

It wouldn't be a party without Grandma Lu's Chocolate Chip Cookies, so some of us are baking. While waiting for the butter to soften, I took a gander at the calories. YIKES! Here's a list...

Butter 4,800
Brown Sugar 1,400
White Sugar 1,080
Brown Sugar 1,440
Eggs 210
Chocolate Chips 3,500

Grand Total 12,430

This batch made 7 dozen cookies.
Each cookie equals 148 calories. No wonder they taste so good!

'Course we all know they are good 'cause they are Grandma Lu's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

If you are worried about the calories come party time (and you shouldn't be - it's party time!) simply break the cookie first. Everyone knows if you just eat cookie parts or cookie crumbs there are no real calories. I am currently lobbying for no calories if you are taste testing. I felt the need to taste test quite often during the cookie making process. I think since I did the work, all the calories from the cookies I had to taste test should be taken out of mine and rolled into YOUR cookies. Sorry, but now your cookies have 165 calories each. ENJOY!!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!


Sarah said...

Don't forget - cookie dough has NEGATIVE calories.

Kathleen said...

Oh, Sarah, you're right! I must have lost a pound or two today!

the ben show said...

Here's another good calorie tip: If you eat while standing up, the calories just shoot out of your toes. That's just what I heard. Thank you for your prayers this week.