Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy 90th Mom!

We had a great party. Mom sure seemed to enjoy herself. It was wonderful that so many were able to attend in spite of the bad weather. (But we missed you Karen and Chuck!) There were guests from the west... California and Arizona. Guests from the east... Indiana and London! Mom knew about some of them and others were a surprise. I happened to see her face when one of the surprise guests arrived and she just looked so delighted. There were so many relatives and friends that we hadn't seen in so long. Many of those who attended reminded us what a remarkable person Mom is. Thanks!
Mom got to visit with her sister, Aunt Loretta and her best friend, Aunt Mary.

And Mom got to hold her newest grandchild (#26) for the first time, with #24 & #25 sitting right beside her. Jim & Tina's family is GROWING!!! up and out! They're all adorable - look at the expressions - soooo cute! (Mom too!)

Tina got Mom and all her kids together for a picture - thanks Tina! I'm can't remember what we were watching while we were supposed to be posing but it looks like it was entertaining, doesn't it? After this picture the sisters posed but I had to post that picture elsewhere.

Jay sang his traditional "opera" version of "Happy Birthday" and Mom loved it. Jay gets different reactions from different people but it never dampens his enthusiam!

We missed you, Karen, but you were with us in spirit... and your cute favors were there too!

It really was fun, the planning, the set-up, the party and the clean-up. (I confess I didn't do much cleanup - don't know what I was doing - thanks to all of you that did the bulk of it!) Some of us had more fun with the clean up than others....


Karen said...

...looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

Karen said...

Great pics. Do you upload your photos to Walmart or Cosco or anywhere? and if so, can you them to send me so I can get some copies for the archives? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The party was great and it is so much fun to relive it via the photos. Thanks Kathleen. Love,Pat