Thursday, February 10, 2011

Park Hours: Dec to Feb

Flurry Park

The Iron Craft #6 Challenge was all about Winter.   This was lots of fun to do...... probably 'cause I put a bird on it.  As usual, I was working on it late and pushing the deadline.  I finished with a couple hours to spare, shot a pic and headed to the computer.  No internet.  grrrrrr.  Thought it was my computer and spent thirty minutes trying to fix it before I realized that it wasn't just my computer.  Our service was down.  I tried uploaded a pic with my phone.  Tried that for 30 minutes and learned lots of ways NOT to do it.  Finally decided I'm just too technically challenged for that.  I missed the deadline. 

So, just for fun, here is Flurry Park. 
Open Dec to Feb.

A couple skaters on the ice.  A pair of sledders who look like they are on a collision course with the skier.  That's an optical illusion though because they are on completely different slopes so they'll be okay. However, Mr. H.D. Snowman thought he could sit on the wall and look what happened to him!  Not to worry, Bluebird is calling for the King to send all his horses and all his men.... they can fix things, right?

UPDATE:  I just read the rules and I might not have missed the deadline after all.  This challenge is going to be open for voting and says it needs to be posted by Thursday at 8:00 pm to be included in the contest.  Usually it's by end of the day Wednesday. 


Karen said...

They probably changed the rules just for you! that was so nice of them ;)

LOVE broken snowman ;) You crack me up.

The bird part.....r u trying to kill me???? LMOA!

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Love it; that humpty dumpty snowman is fun!!

We didn't have internet for more than 2 days. I was very very lost. And not very happy. I wonder, do you have CenturyTel?

Anonymous said...

Love the little birdie... and a broken snowman is just cute!

I've had modem issues, so I understand the frustration of internet problems! grrrrr!

Sarah said...

So cute!