Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inchie Luck

I made an inchie for WOW #8.   The theme was lucky.

My scraps yielded seven green fabrics

I started with a paper piecing pattern with seven pieces.

All the fabrics are sewn .... needs to be trimmed.

Trimmed, shamrocks stitched, edges zigzagged.  Baaaaad picture.

Finished Inchie Luck:
green fabrics, 7 pieces, shamrocks, and 7 gold beads. 

I learned again, inchies are fun. 

I missed WOW#7 as it involved spray paint.
I didn't have any and was too cheap to buy some.
And I had crafter brain freeze.


Jennifer Rodriguez said...

Love the inchie!
And I love your *fine* print about last week ;o)

Little Comforts by Jen said...

I've never heard of an inchie. How fun!! I can't believe how intricate it is for being so small!!! Very, very cool! What will you do with it now? Do you sew them together to make something big? Jewelry? Just enjoy it how it is? I like this project! :)

esblack said...

Love it!! Just adorable!! I hadn't heard of "inchies" before, and didn't realize what it truly meant until I saw your final product (I didn't get the scale from the earlier photos)! Now I'll have to take a cook at some of your older posts (first time visitor). It is especially inspiring to me since I am working on my first fabric postcard.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally loving the inchie... but you know how I feel about inchies...



Karen said...

Love ur inchie, auntie;)

i just can't get into them.....

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

super cute! inchies scare me! I'm not very good at 'tiny' work...