Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bag It

The WOW #6 theme was "Travel".

I don't travel much these days but when I do head out for a few hours or for a day trip, I inevitably bring everything that I might possibly, in the biggest stretch of the imagination, need..... as if I'd be away for days.   And lots of things get lost in my purse, or lost in the bottom of the extra bag I need to bring for all the stuff I think I might need. Often the bag comes back home untouched.  But, hey, you never know!  So, for all those little items, I made a set of bags. 

All three bags are zippered pouches.
All are black and white.
And all are lined with the same fabric.

Now.  Where can we go?


Karen said...


Pat said...

Oh, you sound SO much like me and how I pack when I travel. Can you imagine how much I packed for 3 weeks (especially when we would need winter clothes AND warm-weather clothes)??? It was NOT a pretty sight......a totally packed trunk and also the back seat of the car had not a spare inch of space!!! Good thing we weren't flying!!! If I wasn't so darned scared of getting zippers into bags the right way, I'd make some, too. (I used to put zippers in dresses, but for some reason, I'm not great with doing them in bags.)

JustCindy said...

I love the little bags! Go some where sunny and warm.

Jeanie said...

These are cute little bags! The black and white fabrics are perfect.
I do the same thing....pack it all, just in case I might need it. I continue to try and leave the extras at home, but unless I'm coming right back home, I take it all along. At least these little bags make taking everything along look cute and convenient.

Anonymous said...

I say we all go on a warm Caribbean cruise -- no snow and we all have lots to do and get pampered.

Cara said...

Very clever - as usual! And so neat. I'm zipper-phobic.